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Legal Information

Having legal problems? The Women's Centre of Montréal offers a legal information service. For a minimal voluntary contribution ($2 to $5), you can arrange for a 30-minute appointment with a volunteer lawyer to answer your legal questions. Services by appointment only.

Purposes of the service:

  • to inform women of their rights and obligations and options at their disposal;
  • to outline a range legal and other possible options that are available;
  • to help women to adopt a preventive attitude in regard to legal issues.

Areas in which we can help you:

  • Matrimonial regimes;
  • Separation/divorce;
  • Child custody;
  • Alimony;
  • Violence/assault;
  • Housing;
  • Immigration;
  • Discrimination;
  • Labour standards;
  • And many more…

N.B: The areas may vary depending on the expertise of volunteer lawyers. The Women's Centre of Montréal is not responsible for any act or omission that may occur in the course of the performance of mandates given to, or contracts entered into with lawyers at their private offices.


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Support Groups for Women Who Have Experienced Incest

The Women's Centre of Montreal, a pioneer in providing services to adult women who have experienced sexual abuse in their youth, offers them support and mutual aid groups.

Through discussions, activities and reflection, the participants are invited to address such topics as self-image, survival mechanisms, silence, guilt, and anger among others.

Accompaniment to Court for Women Victims of Spousal Violence

Violence is a harsh reality for many women. To protect themselves or to end the violence, women often decide to press charges or undertake separation or divorce proceedings. The Women's Centre of Montreal is one of the few organizations in Montreal that offers, in many languages, specialized accompaniment to court for cases dealing with spousal violence.

You are living through a trying situation? You must appear in court in the context of a complaint or separation or divorce proceedings? Do you need information on the judicial system? Would you like to better understand your role as a witness in court?

Accompaniment in court:

  • provides you with moral support during the whole process;
  • allows you to be informed and understand the judicial process and your role in the proceedings.

A team of volunteers specially trained in the legal process and counselling provides this service. How can they help you? These volunteers are there to …

  • listen to you;
  • support you;
  • direct you;
  • accompany you to court or to a lawyer’s office;
  • refer you to other resources as needed.